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(no subject)

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Sep. 25th, 2006 | 02:59 am

one day you'll be forgotten from this earth. everything and everyone you know will be gone. eventually you'll be a thumbnail on a family tree if you're lucky, and after they're gone you'll be nothing on this earth. At most you'll be defined by your generation, if your generation did anything worth noting. But eventually you'll be a statistic in your era, epoch, or whatever. All indivudualism lost. Well, I suppose you better fight to the top. It's the only way to eternal life. Memory. Although, when the sun explods and engulfs the earth, who's going to care anyways. In the long run we're all dead and forgotten. And we all die alone. Although, we can probably take some comfort in that our planets demise will come long before any cosmic catastrophy. If its not nuclear war it will be global warming. I'd rather jump off the cliff than be pushed, anyway. Cheers to the end of time.

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