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(no subject)

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Jun. 25th, 2007 | 02:55 am

sometimes i feel like certain people shouldn't be in my life. its hard to know what to do about it though. like, you can say, "its not worth the effort/drama" and just let things be, or you can subtly avoid, or you can do a full on cut. doing nothing doesn't really address what i want, subtle avoid can backfire pretty badly, and telling someone to go away seems overkill. i think a good rule of thumb is that, when you want to tell someone to take a hike, thats not a good time to do it. When you're really dreading it is when it is most warranted. i hope this summer goes differently than last. all in all last year completely sucked ass. There are things I do differently as a result, but there's still things I need to learn to change. For example, I am WAY too accomodating to other people. I get stretched too thin by people in demand of my time. My search for personal simplicity ends up getting lost in scheduling conflicts and "i'm running late's". act for change

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